Conscious Sexuality

By nurturing a healthy relationship to our own sexuality, we are able to express ourselves with more ease and enthusiasm in the world. Our sexuality is our life force, it ignites a spark in the eye, a general lust for life and an ease of self-expression.




Even though tantra and massage is the best way to describe what I do, I am not a teacher of tantra. In other words I will not be teaching you the tantra theory. My work is, however in line with the tantric philosophy.  the principle being that of connecting deeply to yourself. I see it as a way of awakening to self and an acceptance off all of life in it's orgasmic, sensual fullness.

I am very excited as I see my work as raising more consciousness in this world - an awareness to being alive, to feeling more of what is present within ourselves and an openness to experience more of what life has to offer. Our god-given sexual fire/energy is a short track to tapping into our power-house of intensity - this can be intensity of love, of joy, of deep connection, of sadness, fear or even anger.  It can be many things, yearning to be felt and expressed. It opens us to be more present to ourselves, to our partners and to life.

I believe there is no set of rules to follow, but simply to allow a deep, loving connection to the own unique self. I base my work technique is my knowing and experience as a sexually awakened woman. I employ the tools of listening,  movement, voice, touch and massage. Each session is tailored around clients unique needs, questions and boundaries. I work with groups and with individual clients - men and women.

My Story

At the age of 49, I experienced a profound sexual awakening. What happened is that I became fully present with feeling my body. My whole body became alive to experiencing pleasure and Shakti energy started flowing freely through me.The more I opened myself up to experiencing pleasure, the more it expanded.  The most life altering experience for me was when I became fully present within my vagina. It was like a long forgotten nerve suddenly connected and my consciousness spread into every single part of my femininity. This awareness snapped me out of victim mode and into an empowered participant in my relating and my attitude to life.

I believe our sensual connection to life is an avenue to more conscious living and I feel called to share this gentle freedom with as many people as I can.

Online Courses

This is a beautiful skill to acquire for any lover of the masculine. It honours the lingam as a beautiful, conscious and sensitive extension on a man.

This mini online consists of video material on the topics of:

  1. Honouring the masculine (8 minutes)
  2. Lingam massage to know the vagina (21 minutes)
    helping women to understand how the vagina actively engages with the penis during intercourse.
  3. Exploring the lingam (25 minutes)
    Treating the penis like a multi-faceted landscape of feeling and consciousness.
  4. Moving life-force energy (10 minutes)
  5. Shifting the consciousness of the blowjob (11 minutes)
  6. How I work with a male client's body
  7. Interviews with four sexually conscious men

I believe life want to burst into us in waves of orgasmic bliss. Our sexuality is a direct avenue to living a more conscious and blissful life. In this course we learn about:
1. Full body orgasmic energy flow
2. Orgasmic potential of the vagina

What people have said about the course:

"One of the main strengths of the course is how very real, authentic and relatable you are throughout. Also very likeable! You don't hold yourself above your students or assume a guru-like status, which is wonderful and refreshing."


"You speak about experiences that we all have in a way that is tangible and easy to relate to. I have listened to many tantra teachers descriptions of the orgasmic state, but I think your ability to put it in laymen's terms is 'next level' "


"This morning I woke up with a completely different sensation of being a sexual being. I took a different type of ownership in my lovemaking with my husband, how involved and how active and how conscious I was, was completely different to before. I was mindful of how everything felt, what I wanted and it was absolutely incredible."



Sexual, Life-force energy

When working with a client my aim is always to awaken them to their own ability to extreme bliss; their ability to feel the flow of the full body orgasm. Through working with many clients, my pull is certainly now towards energy work; to assist my clients to be able to make energetic love - this is a deep spiritual connection that flows through conscious sexuality.

The man in the video is already very familiar with his own life-force energy flow. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate what a the full body orgasm looks like in a man.

In this video, I demonstrate what it looks and feels like when the shakti energy flows through a woman's body. please note that I am familiar with this energy and practice the flow regularly.

The kundalini energy, or sexual energy uncoils from the base of the spine like a snake.

Do not get confused by the concept of the snake, simply feel that the movement is snake-like. The movement of the energy is simply a realisation of self, it is a deep feeling and awareness of yourself, of your inner body, of your awareness to feel a lot.

Lingam massage, yoni massage

Our genitals is a beautiful gift to us in our lives as it help us to tap into the heightened sense of feeling and our ability to feel pleasure. Through societal conditioning there is often a lot of shame associated with the genitals and therefore the consciousness is not always present in the genitals. A good penis or yoni massage helps to create awareness and presence in the sexual expression, pulling awareness of the whole person into their genitals. It is a valuable meditation to for the receiver of the sensual touch, to connect to the deep feelings of aliveness in the genitals and then to slowly allow that feeling to crawl into the rest of the body. In other words, this sensual touch is one of the avenues to start connecting to the Shakti energy.

This is an introduction to a lingam massage. It is also the first video in my mini-course for penis massage. This is a beautiful skill to acquire for any lover of the masculine. It honours the lingam as a beautiful, conscious and sensitive extension on a man.

A little more information about my one-on-one sessions

This is a talk for women about the taboo topic of the Blowjob.
Becoming aware of the vital information we are communicating when engaging in oral sex - it is either loaded with negativity or charged with love consciousness.

Erotic Art

Shortly after my awakening I produced a performance video that describes what I am feeling inside my body. The best way for me to communicate this awareness, is to show the emotional and physical pleasure I am feeling as a multi-faceted woman.

This video is depiction of the flow of energy through the body.
In this case the flow is upward toward the head. It feels like there is a river of pleasure, alive and flowing through the body.

The orgasmic burst can be felt in any part of the body, the genitals, the heart, the throat, the fingertips, the toes. This burst is usually where there is a slight contraction or tension, the energy then bursts out of this area with orgasmic gusts. it is the release of pressure trough an intensity of pleasure. It is as though the orgasms clears and heals the body of tension and contraction.

When all the pressure points have been visited and released through orgasmic explosions, there remains a calm - a calm where the pleasure simply flows through the body in uninterrupted bliss.

This might be quite an advanced way of looking at the orgasmic state, but it is beneficial to note that the healing qualities of the life-force energy likes to move towards a state of uninterrupted flow.


You can say this to yourself:

"I am pure consciousness.
Every thought and feeling I have, has immense power.
when I am sexually aroused, I am razor sharp.
I choose to use this energy for the benefit of myself and all that is."


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