Erotic Art


There has always been a sensual streak in me. Since experiencing a kundalini awakening in 2018, I am drawn to give visual expression of this feeling in my body. Showing what the body is experiencing gives a somatic transmission that goes beyond words.


Mother Mary in Pussy Pink

Shortly after my awakening I produced a performance video that describes what I am feeling inside my body. The best way for me to communicate this awareness, is to show the emotional and physical pleasure I am feeling as a multi-faceted woman.


Craving touch after 5 weeks in hard lockdown 2020.


Orgasmic energy flow, chi, shakti-flow.
I also call this the dance of the 7 veils. Energy is released out of every chakra - one by one, until there is  free flow, no resistance.

What artists want

I lived in Riebeek Kasteel for seven years. Our home overlooked the valley and mountains.