Dance performance by Leán Bakker

29 April 2023

Kalk Bay Community Centre
27 Main Rd, St James, Cape Town,
7PM - 8PM
8PM - 9PM - optional open discussion



Please take note:

Audience will be seated on the floor. Please bring your own cushion to sit on and dress accordingly.


Kalk Bay Hall,  22.04.2023

How much can you feel was an extraordinary experience, visually a feast... ( the most beautiful dance i have ever seen) and a edge-e and unusual opertunity to watch someone finding endless levels of pleasure in the deepest level of their embodiment. Watching Lean felt like a transmission, as if my body remembered something it had forgotten and It gave my body permission to also spontaneously feel the very delicious energy moving through it. A very empowering and beautiful , very fringe, very unique, very daring experience.

- Ena

- Alan Davies - Energy Healer

The hall was beautifully decorated in minimalist style space with the candles around the circle where Lean was seated. She briefed us of what to expect, however, somehow it was beyond one's expectations 🙂

The performance was a seated solo experience of Lean experiencing Shakti energy with the alternative music on the background. It stirred up layers of feelings inside me: it started with shame, as if it was something innappropriate, something that made me feel shameful almost... Then a deeper layer of insight into my own limiting beliefs that judge and my idea of what it should look like. The next layer was a glimpse of expansion, how I can expand from the limiting beliefs around my body into the space of the shamanic bliss that exists in Lean's body.., in every body, in my body, if I allow it.

I moved with her at times, trying to embody the energy, the wildness, the rawness of her imprudent dance.

Visually it was an experience of beauty with great props, lighting and music.

After the performance we had an informal conversation with Lean. She explained a bit more about her work and ways how we can tune into our life force energy regularly.

- Nadia

This show for me was about reminding myself about life force and the pleasure of being awake to it in the body.

I went to the show because I felt a bit depressed and removed from my body and watching Lean be so present inspired presence in my own.

I feel one could get many things from the show. It offers various paths of learning and inspiration.

For example I left with an amplified sense of internal body feeling.

Another may leave with a new perspective on self love or self expression.

What to expect: not a performance but an event of being in performance setting. As a viewer being challenged inside yourself.

Leán is going into a deep vulnerability and intimate form of being. What it means for her to feel herself inside herself.

- Gita

Really enjoyed your show the other night - it was novel in so many respects. : i don't think I've ever been to a performance when a joint was passed around the audience! The music was sublime (what was it?) and I enjoyed the audience participation.

- John

My review I feel is still captured in those words I shared on the night - for me it was the feminine unleashed!

- Janine

About the show:

Highly experimental solo performance...

During the performance I will be activating the flow of Life-force through my body. I do the activation by connecting with the sensation of pleasure, breathing and pulling my focus inward. I then become aware of a golden ball of energy flowing through my body and my movements are shaped by this ball of moving energy. It is a highly erotic experience. I encourage the audience to view my movements with their bodies and to feel their own life-force moving inside them.

The aim of the performance is to create a space of allowing where the audience can have a visceral transmission of sensations in their own bodies.

A central theme will unfold during the show, created through movement, breath, voice, sound, lighting and props.
- 12 audience member
- 7 candles and an eighth candle above our heads
- 3 thin veils

In 2018, my body woke up to feel the flow of life-force. This energy is also called Kundalini or Shakti. In my practice as sexuality coach, I help people to access this energy inside themselves. Life-force has become the central theme of my research and I am constantly exploring the ways it moves through the body, as well as researching ways in which I can help people to access it in themselves.

The performance is serving two streams of research:

  1. What would a dance show look like when my body serves as a channel for Life-Force energy?
  2. Will the audience get a somatic transmission of the energy - in the form of physical sensations?

I will be taking one more big risk:

To activate the flow of life-force in me, I  usually go into deep meditation or make love - things I am not able to do on stage. However, when I smoke a small amount of cannabis, the flow activates immediately. Therefor I will be smoking a small joint on stage. This helps me to step out of my ego mind, relax and surrender to the flow of bliss through my body. This can be a trigger for some and therefore I prefer to inform you in advance. Members of the audience who wish to participate, please bring your own.


More about me:

Currently 53 years old. I mention this as I qualify as a veteran dancer.

I started my dance career in 1988 as one of the founder members of the PACT Contemporary dance company and was a full time professional dancer for 10 years.

Throughout have choreographed works for all the main stages of all the National arts festivals. In 2001, my production "Vlees" won the overall prize for most innovative work on the Aardklop Festival in Potchefstroom.
Click here to see examples of my previous works


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