Conscious Sexuality

with Leán Bakker

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Is it Tantra?

I am not a tantra teacher. Meaning I am not going to teach you about the tantric deities and philosophy. Tantra and Taoism is a way, but it is not the only way back into our true essence. The way I work is completely in alignment with these ancient traditions. I choose to work directly with you, with your body and with your understanding of the flow of your life-force which happens to also be your sexual energy.

Spiritual and sexual

When we are able to surrender completely to the feeling body, the unconscious mind, then we are able to reach the essence of who we truly are.  Here we move into the sensual body, meet ourselves completely and come to and instant knowing of ourselves as the manifestation of the Universal life force.

I do work with your sexual energy, but not in an isolated way. Our sexual energy is a very strong force and wants to be integrated into our whole body and awareness.