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Tantra training in cape town

What is Tantra?

What is the first idea that comes to mind when you hear the word Tantra?

Most beginners would say sex or some spinoff of sex, such as: sacred sexuality, a spiritual approach to sex, sex for better relationships and deeper intimacy, kinky sex to spice up your sex life, or some erotic, acrobatic positions to achieve sexual fulfilment.

The truth of the matter is: Tantra is none of the above! Which begs the question…

Tantra is not sex

Tantra is not sex. While it is true that there are teachings that address sex and sexuality within the breadth of all that is Tantra, these are not, by far, the basis of this expansive and extensive system. In fact, the tantric sex teachings represent only 5%-10% of the tantric knowledge.

What is Tantra, really?

Tantra is a tradition rich in spiritual technologies, techniques and practices which are clearly defined in a collection of scriptures dating back to 300 and 400 CE. Those numerous and varied texts pertain to any of several esoteric traditions rooted in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.

The word Tantra is made up by the joining of two Sanskrit words: tanoti (expansion) and rayati (liberation). In this sense, Tantra means the liberation of energy and expansion of the consciousness beyond its gross form. In other words, Tantra is a method to expand the mind and liberate the dormant potential energy.

In short – and as a VERY simplified definition – we can define Tantra according to two primary and fundamental principles:

  1. Tantra is the science and study of energy
  2. Tantra is a comprehensive spiritual path for the evolution of the human soul and consciousness

Am I a Tantra teacher?

Tantra is a path, but not the only path to wholeness in the body and soul. I never refer to Shakti, Shiva or Kali and we do not teach the tantric philosophies.  These are merely deities and symbols to help people understand the energy and the evolution of human consciousness. People can easily get entrapped by worshipping symbols and rituals, while missing the essence of the teaching.

I prefer to work directly with the body and not to spend too much time teaching any of the tantric philosophies. As Voice Movement therapist, I believe the body has a way to speak to itself and to heal itself. During a session we use touch, breath, movement and voice to help you access the life essence within you.

Tantric coaching in Cape TownYou will learn to:

  • Feel your body
  • Accept all emotions an and give expression to all emotions
  • Accept pleasure in your body
  • Direct the flow of sexual energy trough the body
  • Have full-body orgasms
  • Connect to your ability to feel pleasure
  • Have reverence for your body and your partner's body
  • Feel that you are connected to your spirit, through your physical body

How much can you feel?

I teach people how to reconnect with their bodies.  Using visualisation, breath, movement, touch and voice to bring you home to your body.

I always say: "How much can you feel?" When we start connecting to our bodies, we feel all our emotions - all of them. This means being truly alive, truly present to all that you are.

Pleasure is important

To allow oneself to experience pleasure is both liberating and empowering. One feels so much richer if one is fully expressed as a sexual, sensual being. Couples who are able to evolve together sexually, usually enjoy a better relationship.

Leán Bakker, sex coach in Cape TownYou are energy

Where the attention goes the energy flows.  We are able to move pleasure in ripples through our bodies - this takes a bit of practice. First we become aware of the subtle sensations in the body and with practice the sensations become stronger. This pleasure flow through the body allows for a deep spiritual experience of self and also for long, satisfying full-body orgasms.

Spiritual awakening through the body

In a world often dominated by the complexities of the mind, the idea of spiritual awakening through the body might seem unconventional or even challenging to comprehend. However, in today's blog post, we will delve into the profound journey of self-discovery and transformation that occurs when we embrace the power of our sensual bodies as a pathway to spiritual enlightenment.

Exploring the Sensual Body: Our journey begins by acknowledging the innate wisdom and intelligence that resides within our physical form. Contrary to conventional wisdom, spirituality is not merely an abstract concept to be grasped by the mind alone; rather, it is a deeply embodied experience that unfolds through our senses, emotions, and physical sensations.

Forgiving Ourselves and Embracing Acceptance: One of the foundational steps on this path is cultivating self-forgiveness and acceptance. By releasing the burden of self-judgment and embracing ourselves as we are, we create the space for profound transformation to occur. As we let go of the need to constantly strive for spiritual perfection, we open ourselves up to the possibility of experiencing the divine within our mortal bodies.

The Power of Sensuality and Touch: Central to this journey is the exploration of sensuality and touch as gateways to heightened awareness and presence. Through gentle touch and mindful attention to our physical sensations, we can deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Sensuality becomes not just a means of pleasure, but a sacred practice of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

The Role of Consciousness and Awareness: As we journey deeper into the realms of the body, we begin to uncover layers of consciousness and awareness that transcend the limitations of the mind. Through practices such as body scanning and breathwork, we learn to quiet the chatter of the mind and attune ourselves to the subtle energies that flow through our being. In doing so, we tap into the wellspring of wisdom that lies within us, guiding us on our path towards wholeness and integration.

Embracing the Divine Within: Ultimately, the journey of spiritual awakening through the body is a journey of rediscovering our innate divinity. By recognizing that the sacred resides not just in some distant realm, but within the very fabric of our being, we reclaim our power and sovereignty as spiritual beings having a human experience. Through this deep inner knowing, we come to realize that we are not separate from the divine – we are the divine, expressed in human form.

Conclusion: As we conclude our exploration of spiritual awakening through the body, let us remember that this journey is not one of reaching some distant goal or attaining enlightenment in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a continuous unfolding, a dance between the physical and the spiritual, the mundane and the divine. May we embrace the beauty and complexity of our sensual bodies as sacred vessels for the expression of our truest selves, and may we walk this path with courage, curiosity, and an open heart.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation. May your exploration of spiritual awakening through the body be filled with joy, wonder, and profound insight.

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