Voice Movement Therapy


VMT is an expressive arts therapy that engages the voice, body and imagination to express all that we are.

For individual as well as group therapeutic sessions.



Voice Movement Therapy (VMT)

VMT is an expressive arts therapy that engages the voice and body to give expression to all that we are. VMT is based on the principal that voice body and emotions are all interlinked.

VMT engages the physical expression of feeling to move through emotional blackages. If you are not gaining insight or the shifts you seek trough talking, this is an oportunity to move into the knowledge of the body. The body speaks to us in a language without words, it invokes a deep understanding and enables personal insights and shifts.

Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) was conceived by Englishman Paul Newham, based on the pioneering methods of vocal facilitator Alfred Wolfsohn and influenced by the theatre work of actor and director Roy Hart; the acoustical analysis of otolaryngologist Dr Paul Moses; the characterological bodywork of Wilhelm Reich; and the psychological principles of C.G. Jung.

Who is it for?

  • People wanting to give expression to bottled up emotiions
  • Expression of grief, anger and confusion
  • Those who need to scream or wail without restriction while protecting the vocal cords
  • If you need a safe space to give expression to different archetypes hidden within yourself
  • People needing to give expression to the unspoken inside themselves
  • Moving through creative blocks

To read more about VMT, go to: www.iavmt.org