Leán Bakker

Sex and Embodiment Coach

"How much can I feel?...

This one deeply profound question is the avenue into the depths of our being. This inner journey brings us in direct contact with the flow of life-force within us. When we touch into this connection, we instantly understand our connection to the whole of the universe.

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Hi, My Name is Leán Bakker

My journey revolves around the profound exploration of embodiment and expression. Initially trained as a professional contemporary dancer, I ventured into choreography and performance art to delve into the intricate language of the body's movements, constantly attuned to the rhythm of life coursing through me. You can explore more of my artistic endeavors at leanbakker.com.

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I am a certified Voice and Movement Therapy (VMT) practitioner. VMT is a modality that delves into the nuanced expression of emotions through voice, breath, and posture, recognising the perpetual dance between body and soul. To learn more about Voice Movement Therapy, please visit: www.iavmt.org.

In 2018, at the age of 49, I underwent a profound sexual awakening that ignited an inner energy flow within me. This awakening, often described as a Kundalini awakening, has enabled me to tap into waves of bliss rippling through my entire being, fostering a profound connection to the divine within myself. Through this awakening, I discovered the power of orgasmic vaginal awakening and realised my calling to share this wisdom with the world. My life's mission now is to translate this inner awakening into tangible experiences for others, drawing upon a lifetime of honing body awareness skills. My approach is grounded in practicality and accessibility, guiding individuals deeper into their feeling bodies to uncover their energetic essence, also known as life-force flow.

While I do not teach the Tantra philosophy, I gently lead individuals on a journey of self-discovery, facilitating a deeper understanding of their energetic selves and fostering a profound connection to the pulsating rhythm of life within.

Leán Bakker
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