Expanded living through Body consciousness

My life work is about being fully alive within the human body. Our earthly experience is framed within the context of our bodies. When the body ceases to exist, we move on to another experience. Being more present means nurturing a healthy connection to our physical form. Body awareness is a direct avenue to bringing more consciousness into our living.


About me

I am always firstly the dancer. My career started in 1988 as a founder member of the PACT Contemporary dance company and I am still performing and facilitating dance sessions. I am a choreographer and a performance artist, this work is my lifeline and my therapy - it is what excites me in life and it keeps evolving as I move through life.

In 2015 I became a registered Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner, this work enables me to implement my love for physical expression on a wider platform - extending to  public speaking, body language, emotional release and creative thinking techniques.