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How much can you feel?

By touching my clients, I am able to guide them into reconnecting with their bodies. I guide them to move into presence with their bodies. It is a gentle slow process of deeper and deeper self-realisation, of allowing pleasure into the body and of surrendering to pure sensation.

We are working with sexuality to get access to the feeling body and to help people to connect with ease and joy to their powerful sexual energy.

Energy work

The essence of this work is to help you to feel your kundalini energy. You can also call it energy orgasms or full body orgasms. I call it kundalini only as a reference point. Do not get distracted by foreign terms or the idea that it is difficult to achieve. My whole teaching is about the simplicity and ease of the process. I am not teaching any dogma and work directly with the body and what is happening in the present moment.

You can say this to yourself:
"I am pure consciousness.
Every thought and every feeling has immense power.
When I am sexually charged,  I am razor sharp.
I choose to use use this power for the benefit of myself and all that is."

One-on-one session:  Women

Bring your vulnerable self. The session is completely tailored around your needs.
Whether you need to get things off your chest and express your truth, your anger, your fears and your dreams.
Or whether you want to awaken your kundalini energy and your orgasmic ability.
Or you may have the need for healing and clearing blocks with beautiful yoni massage in the safe hands of a woman.

One-on-one session:  Men

My passion is to help you to connect with the flow of your sexual energy through your entire body, also known as energy orgasms or Kundalini energy.

The essence of my work is to assist you to have a deep connection with your own body and your sexuality. The session is for you to receive - to be immersed in a deep body meditation of bliss.  Other areas we can bring healing and awareness to is erectile dysfunction and ejaculation control.

Couples sessions

Here is a list of themes we can explore in a couple's session:

  • Playing with Polarities
  • Energetic love making and full body orgasms
  • Positions
  • Movements for him and her
  • Oral sex
  • Ejaculation control, what you both need to know
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Trust the wisdom of your body
  • How to wake up a pussy
  • Ravishing and Dark Love
  • Role play and fantasy
  • Hallucinogenics and love making
  • Threesomes
  • Masculine and Feminine Interplay
  • Sex Magic
  • Lingam and Yoni Massage


I work from Treatment room 1 at Rocklands Health and Movement Centre in Constantia, Cape Town.
The address is 14A Bel Ombre Road, Constantia


One-on-one Zoom consultation

  • For sexual advice
  • Energy/kundalini work
  • Guidance in healing