Erotic Art

by Leán Bakker

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There has always been a sensual streak in me. Since experiencing a kundalini awakening in 2018, I am drawn to give visual expression of this feeling in my body. Showing what the body is experiencing gives a somatic transmission that goes beyond words.


Mother Mary in Pussy Pink

Shortly after my awakening I produced a performance video that describes what I am feeling inside my body. The best way for me to communicate this awareness, is to show the emotional and physical pleasure I am feeling as a multi-faceted woman.

Gravity's Caress

I had a desire for my 53rd birthday party. This is the manifestation of it! Thank you to my dear friends for your presence.

The reason I made this artwork: In my work as sexuality coach, help people to access their orgasm as a spiritual awakening. When we allow ourselves to surrender completely into the sensing body, we feel our true nature. We are able to sense the force of life inside our bodies. With this orgasmic surrender, we also feel our connection to all of life. In this video I demonstrate this flow of spirit through the body. There is no shame - only pleasure. The hands are a symbol of the force of gravity touching the body with so much desire. My body dares to feel the pleasure of gravity's caress.

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Craving touch after 5 weeks in hard lockdown 2020.


Orgasmic energy flow, chi, shakti-flow.
I also call this the dance of the 7 veils. Energy is released out of every chakra - one by one, until there is  free flow, no resistance.

What artists want

I lived in Riebeek Kasteel for seven years. Our home overlooked the valley and mountains.

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