Voice Movement Therapy

VMT is an expressive arts therapy that engages the voice, body and imagination to express all that we are.

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Voice Movement Therapy (VMT)

I am qualiefied as a Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner.

VMT is an expressive arts therapy that engages the voice and the body to give expression to all that we are. VMT is based on the principal that voice body and emotions are all interlinked.

VMT engages the physical expression of feeling to move through emotional blockages. If you are not gaining insight or the shifts you seek trough talking, this is an oportunity to move into the knowledge of the body. The body speaks to us in a language without words, it invokes a deep understanding and enables personal insights and shifts.

Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) was conceived by Englishman Paul Newham, based on the pioneering methods of vocal facilitator Alfred Wolfsohn and influenced by the theatre work of actor and director Roy Hart; the acoustical analysis of otolaryngologist Dr Paul Moses; the characterological bodywork of Wilhelm Reich; and the psychological principles of C.G. Jung.

Voice and movement in sexuality:

  • It boils down to full expression of ourselves through the body and voice.
  • Feeling emotionally and physically connected to our body.
  • Releasing emotional trauma that is held in the body.
  • The voice is directly linked to giving free expression to your sexual self.
  • Understanding the vulnerability of the body and emotions during sexual interactions.
  • Movement and vocal freedom enhances the flow of sexual energy
  • The list goes on...

I really love the mysteries that gets revealed through the body and tone of voice. I find that we can talk for hours and keep going round in circles. The moment we start moving the body, a whole new truth gets revealed. By working on movements, sensations and sounds, a person can easily get to a new understanding within themselves.

To read more about VMT, go to: www.iavmt.org