with Leán Bakker

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Leán Bakker

Workshop for couples.
You will be working with your partner to discover deeper ways of touching and of being touched. The aim is to help you discover more pleasure running through your entire body and to feel a deeper connection with one another.
You will gently be guided into the principals of enjoying full body orgasms together.

Facilitated by Leán Bakker
Read more about me here.

Saturday 12 November 2022
29 Carmichael Road, Fish Hoek

R600 per couple

You may contact me if you have any questions: 071 6796260 or Lean@FindYourPleasure.Life

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Dance Your Pleasure


Thursday 10 November
4PM - 5:30PM
Kalk Bay Community Hall

Learning to sense your life force energy inside your own body. This dance is all about accessing pleasure inside your body and feeling the way it can move through you - Dancing you from the inside.
This is for people of all genders.
You will familiarise yourself with your own pleasure body.

Always ask yourself: "How much can I feel?"


Let me explain a bit more:
I have a background as professional contemporary dancer and choreographer. I am also a sexuality coach. The focus of my work is to help my clients to connect with the life energy in their bodies. This is also known as kundalini energy, full body orgasms or energy orgasms.
I myself have a very awake energy body and can drop into energy orgasm very easily. In the dance session, I teach you how to access this energy inside yourself. Also note that this life energy is within everyone, just waiting to be recognised. It is not dependant on genital stimulation and can be accessed through presence within oneself. I see this as a blissful awakening to who we truly are - an expression of Source.